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Discover how CBMC Leadership Coach Training is changing the way leaders are being developed and the way people are communicating.

Learn how the art and science of listening well and asking powerful questions are at the heart of conversations that can lead to individual and corporate transformation. It's true with your family, friends, business and personal ministry.

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What is a peer advisory group?

  • It’s a unique environment where 8-12 non-competing business leaders meet monthly to grow as business leaders, without neglecting their family and community responsibilities.
  • It’s led by a trained CBMC Leadership Institute Professional with a seasoned business background and solid spiritual maturity.
  • The long term objective is to help business leaders grow into the leaders God designed them to be, while building a business of excellence.
  • It creates an environment of confidentiality, trust, friendship, mutual support and long term accountability….like having your own personal board of advisors.

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